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The Waldorf Woodlands School provides children with a warm and home like atmosphere giving children of ages 18 months to 6 years an all round education that supports their transition from one developmental stage to another.

Children are encouraged to become creative and imaginative thinkers through storytelling, music, poetry, hand craft, nature walks, baking and indoor/outdoor free play. This builds on their intellectual growth as they go through the other levels of education.

Throughout the years, the will of the child and practical intelligence is intensively addressed and trained.

Primary School

In the primary school, Waldorf education aims to give children an experience that prepares them with all the qualities and abilities needed for fully empowered adult life.

Ensuring an ability to tackle situations with a creative mind, is teaching that inter- weaves stories, expressive movement, drama, poetry, modelling, painting, drawing, sculpture and music.

It is the right of every child to receive an education that prepares them for life. Waldorf education seeks this as its deepest endeavour.

‘Out of the spiritual world, this child has come to you, You shall solve its riddle from day to day, hour to hour.’
Verse for teachers by Rudolf Steiner

Dr. Steiner has shown that it is in the earliest years of childhood that things happen which are deciding factors in later life. Whatever is done to a child in its earliest age will reappear in the grown person as faculties or failings, health or disease.

To a healthy child, playing is in no way just a pleasurable pastime, but a completely serious activity. Play flows earnestly from a child’s whole organism. If our way of teaching captures the child’s seriousness in play, we will not merely teach in a playful way but also nurture the earnestness of a child’s play.

‘Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.’
Rudolf Steiner

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